Violin MELODIA VN2601
Violin MELODIA VN2601

Violin MELODIA VN2601

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Violin "MELODIA" VN2601 ,

A level with it's quality a notch above our student Violin VN2101, this instrument is built with the beginner in mind.  It has much details in craftmanship hence allowing a sound that is more forthcoming.  For a starter who demands a sound closer to the handcrafted series with a lower price tag, this is the recommended choice. 

- professionally cut bridge and nut to ensure the correct curve/arching and height therefore to bring comfortable during every practices !

- carbon-fibre tailpieces with pre-installed fine tuners to make your tuning easier !

- better quality of boxwood or ebony tuning pegs and chinrest 

- outfitted with oblong case, octagonal bow